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Brittany is host and lifestyle reporter with more than10 years of experience working in the fast-paced worlds of television and digital media.

She is currently a host at BUILD Series, a media platform featuring long-form interviews with actors, musicians, athletes and authors. Brittany is also a regular contributor to Yahoo Lifestyle and Yahoo Entertainment. 

Brittany is an engaging conversationalist who is passionate about connection and giving a voice to underrepresented communities. Empathetic, genuine and curious, Brittany's interviews are both thought provoking and fun! 



From Nebraska to New York


I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and graduated from Papillion-LaVista high school. 

I chose to attend the University of Nebraska (Go Huskers!) and study Journalism, with an emphasis in Broadcast. I've always been someone who was comfortable with public speaking, and I loved the philanthropic aspect of journalism — the ability to shed light on underrepresented communities and forgotten stories. Plus, I grew up watching Oprah every day after school, and was always constantly inspired by the power of unpacking truths.  

During my junior year of college, I applied for a summer internship with the CBS Evening News. They were holding a video competition to be Katie Couric's intern, and I won — spending the entire summer shadowing her and the teams at 60 minutes and 48 Hours. 

After returning to UNL for my Senior year, I applied for another national video competition— this time to be the First-Ever Nike Field Reporter. After being selected, I spent nine months traveling around the US and interviewing top athletes like Serena Williams, Lebron James, Magic Johnson, and my childhood idol Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

After graduation, I spent a few months as a local reporter at KETV in Omaha before taking on the role as Katie Couric's personal production assistant at the CBS Evening News. From there, I joined Katie at her daytime talk show where I learned the daytime ropes as an associate producer. I also appeared on-camera as a technology correspondent — doing segments on a variety of topics from digital detox to the best apps for every lifestyle. 


In 2014,  I was hired at Yahoo Travel as a travel editor — a job that would take me around the world.  I went to Fiji, Tokyo, South Africa, the Canary Islands and Australia's outback. I swam with whale sharks in Cancun, slept in a castle in Vienna, and surfed the beautiful beaches in Alentejo, Portugal. As Yahoo became Verizon Media, my role also changed. Yahoo Finance was next, where I spent two years covering personal finance and the travel industry. 


From 2020 to 2022 I was a host at BUILD Series, a long-form interview platform at Yahoo. I interviewed actors, directors, activists and authors about their projects, and engaged in thoughtful conversations centered around themes of race, gender, LGBTQ+ issues and identity. 

I am currently a freelance journalist and contributor to CNBC Select. 

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